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Massimo Bartolini, Due 
Image courtesy of Helmi Yusof 

By Helmi Yusof

VISITORS to the world's biggest art fair, Art Basel, knew something was up when Unlimited, its section for large-scale works, opened earlier this week with an unusually high number of political works.

Near the entrance of the showcase is a five-metre-high print by Barbara Kruger that states: "Our people are better than your people. More intelligent, more powerful, more beautiful, and cleaner. We are good and you are evil. God is on our side. Our shit doesn't stink and we invented everything."

Kruger typically uses words and images found in mass media to show how the public is routinely manipulated. These words are not her own - they're appropriated to highlight the far-right movements in the United States and Europe and the crisis of migration...